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I present to you our AW23 Parisian fashion film stills from, “God” in collaboration with director @claytonburkhart, featuring our Phoenix collection Sacré Coeur jacket.

You can view the full film here:

You can view more film submissions alongside ours here:

It debuted at @asvoff_official@asvof film festival at @doverstreetmarketparis on November 10th.

Production: @vs_prod

Conception/Director/Photography : @claytonburkhart

Model and music by : Artem Hramov: @hramovvvv

Hair & Makeup: @milyserebrenik

Production: Lionel Brouet, @xaviercantaldupart, Clayton Burkhart

Editor/Montage: Alex Nicolas

Zishel Group X Stevie Crowne Lab Coats

We are excited to share our bespoke order design samples for @zishelmedical.official.

Zishel group was our earliest investor in Asia and we are privileged to be cross pollinating sustainable luxury with the next generation of forward thinking, innovative medical care in the beauty sector. You can view their work on

Special thank you to @drvincentwong for facilitating this exceptional opportunity

This is our “Presentation” coat, constructed with bridal satin, featuring duo-tone panels and an asymmetric gravity lapel.
 This is our Safety Demonstration Procedure coat, constructed with polyethylene-nylon blends, featuring duo-tone panels.

Tokyo Rush Order

Behind the scenes of a 48 hour rush order we did last week in Tokyo!

This commission comprised of a thrifted classic leather biker set transformed into a fire truck red ensemble with grommet straps and buckles on the arms to compliment side spike embellishments. The trousers were panelled, and wrapped with a studded leather harness, tailored to an oversized drop-crotch style.

This style is what defined my roots and DNA as a budding sustainable creative in Canada during the 2010’s. It felt so nostalgic to be doing this again in Tokyo. More to come! X

Worn by @tokyotrizzy at @bresh@zerotokyo_official over the weekend!

SS24: POLARIS coming soon

Our upcoming collection, SS24 POLARIS is in its final stages of production, and we will be soon releasing the collection in Tokyo, Japan in Q4 2023!

Below are behind the scenes clips from our studios in Bangkok and Tokyo! Special thank you to Sorapol studios in Bangkok and Coromoza studios in Harajuku, Tokyo for having me!

Final touches at Coromoza studios in Harajuku, Tokyo.
Footage of our SS24 Moodboard production
Day 1 of production at Sorapol’s studio in Bangkok
A preview of our GALACTICA denim dress, featuring metallic treated denim, gradient PVC vinyl panels, and sculptural hip details.
A preview of our NACREOUS harness, jacket and gown production.

SS22 prints showcased at Florence, Italy Biennale exhibition

Three prints from our SS22 @londonfashionweek collection shot by @judeblackphotography were presented in Florence, Italy, for the @florencebiennale, “I AM YOU,” exhibition from October 14th-22th, 2023! We congratulate Jude for the Lorenzo Dei Medici award for our collaborative work!

There will be an array of multidisciplinary, international artists alongside legendary names such as @david_lachapelle and @calatravaofficial on display as well.

Photography: @judeblackphotography
Hair and MUA: @jolanta.sewell
Model: @kullakova


I present to you our AW23 Phoenix runway collection, filmed in Busan, South Korea.

Shop the collection on

Honorable mention to our sponsors, The Zishel Group and Vincent Wong.

Models (Instagram handles): Paula Staroseilec @pauka_official

Amy Carolyn Williams @amywilliii

Demi-Nicole @demi.lanigan

Kris @kr1stos

Miho Sugawara @mihosugawara_34

J-ska DDaria @d.jaskowskaa

Uchka @uchka

Alya Pogodina @alyapogodina

Aishwarya Paatapati @aishwaryaraju

Julia @Julia_barbie05