“Every star is born in darkness.”

POLARIS has been a symbol of guidance and stability for centuries now. In ancient times, famous navigators, global travellers used the North Star as a way to determine their location as they ventured into the unknown; putting faith into their darkest nights with limited guide maps, and a profound sense of stoicism.

Our SS24 collection takes a collective, autobiographical approach to this mythology; a byproduct of following intuitions that allow us to inch towards our truths, goals, and final destinations. As we look within ourselves, each-other, society, this industry; we can discover and develop mutual purposes that guide us to a true sustainable future for all.

Our new era embodies a thematic sense of celestial beauty and punk elegance. Imagine refined Parisian chic meets Harajuku subculture. The collection features harmonious blends of classic silhouettes and contemporary elements, cross pollinated with futuristic textiles which create a captivating, elevated, and versatile range for Spring-Summer 2024 RTW + Demi-couture commissions.


Kiko Hirakawa

Mighty Haruka

Alexandre Derycz
@veganoji (@ethicalmodels)

Yuka Murayama

Misuki Kase

Mia Scandals

Hair & Mua

Hiroshi Saito

Iroaki Onishi

Asami Dieng


Shinichi Koshio