“ZENITH EUNOIA” Collection



ze·nith the time at which something is most powerful


 It comes from the Greek word εὔνοια, meaning “well mind” or “beautiful thinking.”

For our 2020 collection, I aspired to bring forward an elegant, sophisticated, and classic approach to edgy high streetwear. Over the years, I’ve seen the importance of creating a sustainable fashion brand that transcends into different categories and genres of style. The goal with the Zenith Eunoia collection is to reimagine, reinvent, and repurpose a mix between modern-vintage with luxurious finishings sewn in by hand; inspired by haute couture techniques. It predominantly features denim with strong contrast features like rhinestone embellishing, high quality glass crystals, authentic french sequin fabrics, embroidery, tulle, and pearls of different shapes and sizes. Mixing opposite ends of the spectrum undoubtedly has a mature and glamorous appeal while remaining true to my youthful design aesthetic. My goal as an artist is to grow in the 2020’s. I hope my clients, audience, and spectators can grow and learn with me too as time goes on. Although this range is expensive and took over a year to produce, I welcome all of my clients/buyers to put in orders for ready to wear versions of these looks on their budgets! 






I want to give a special thank you to Cai Cheng Photography for collaborating on this special edition lookbook, Joshua Duguay for lending his talents in hair & makeup, and EFFY for modelling my designs. I couldn’t have come close to producing anything like this without your assistance, collaboration, and support.


Shot on location in downtown Montreal, Quebec.