About Stevie Crowne


Stevie Crowne Limited is a SME brand that manufactures collections by reimagining, reinventing, and repurposing vintage clothing and deadstock fabrics into on-demand styles and bespoke apparel. He specializes in non-binary high streetwear, ready to wear, womenswear, and wardrobe for performers. Throughout his circular business model, the ethos is driven by inclusivity and accessibility via sustainable design. He showcases collections during London Fashion Week bi-annually which are socially fueled and equally individualistic.

Our goal is to re-configure solutions to the fashion industries’ monumental excess while re-framing manufacturing landscapes and consumer mindsets.

Notable people to wear the Stevie Crowne brand include 

  • Daniel Lismore
  • Jodie Harsh
  • Lil Peep
  • Laganja Estranja
  • Scarlett Bobo
  • BTS member V (Kim Tae-hyung)
  • Kristian Nairn
  • Naomi Isted.


In Canada, circa 2011, Stevie Crowne was founded as a teenager who had the need to find personalized streetwear in my own wardrobe. DIY punk culture, glam rock, and teen spirited fashion rebellion was heavily ingrained into the brands DNA from conception. Coming from working class roots, charity shops were the economic escape that provided me inspiration to upcycle vintage garments and deadstock textiles into clothing that made me feel powerful. My influences at the time drew from avant garde musicians and pop stars, retro-pop culture, and club-kids. I saw clothing as armor; a way to equally protect and express myself in a world that defined me as an outcast from a young age.

Between the years of 2012-2019, the Stevie Crowne brand produced runway shows, fashion films, and press interviews in Saskatoon, Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal while simultaneously being sold through limited edition popups and stockists. Organizations to co-sponsor these showcases were Saskatchewan Fashion Week, Vancouver Eco Fashion Week, and Fashion Art Toronto, alongside several independent showcase productions such as Pride Toronto and Youth Day at Yonge Dundas Square. By 2018, our brand was classified as one of the top ten sustainable brands two years in a row by Fashion Takes Action, Canada’s sustainable design authority and was also exhibited as part of a collective runway for Eco Fashion Week Australia.

In October 2020, Stevie Crowne Limited formed as a private limited company in London, UK, and showcases digitally during London Fashion Week under contract with the British Fashion Council. Our collections are produced with sustainable relevance, and our slow fashion, made to order mindset connects the brand to its’ customers through bold craftsmanship and bespoke services.