About Stevie Crowne


Stevie Crowne Limited is a sustainable fashion brand based between Europe and Asia that manufactures apparel by reinventing deadstock clothing and fabrics into seasonal collections, customized on-demand styles, and Demi-couture commissions. His ethos is driven by sustainable design, merged with a socially fuelled, chic, grunge aesthetic. Marketed towards an upscale luxury clientele, ages 20-35, the brand holds a youthful and sophisticated following who value the freedom of expression in a saturated industry that seldom values sustainability and accessibility. That being said, Stevie Crowne isn’t just a brand, it’s a feeling, a lifestyle, a movement; a homegrown extension led from the magnetism of its founder who is a beacon of resilience that brings hope to fashion consumers. His contagious optimism brings together an audience who are inspired to make an impact, and who dare to be different.

In October 2020, Stevie Crowne Limited formed as a private limited company in London, UK, and began showing digitally during London Fashion week under contract with the British Fashion Council. Prior to his expansion into the global marketplace in 2022, he was invited to become a member of the BFC, and released a total of six collections on the London Fashion week platform. Since expanding, he has released collections in Paris, Seoul, Tokyo, and Hong Kong, rapidly gaining a global presence independently with zero prior funding. He produces and manufactures with localized supply chains and contracted teams in each market he has been involved in, marketing via sponsored runway, digital campaign films, and with the assistance of social media.

SCL is company that is actively adhereing to circular design practices within the circular fashion economy. This is an economic system defined by the Institute of Positive Fashion that eschews traditional linearity and is built on the principles of designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems. Within this, circular clothing design refers to designs that use recycled and renewable materials (post-production offcuts), and designs for emotional and physical durability, reuse, repair, redesign, modularity, disassembly, and recyclability.

Most recently, he was listed as a candidate for the Forbes 30 Under 30 European list. His work has been featured in publications such as Vogue, London Fashion Week, and W Magazine. As a member of the British Fashion Council, his goal is to re-configure solutions to the fashion industries’ monumental excess while re-framing manufacturing landscapes and consumer mindsets. Notable people to wear the Stevie Crowne brand include Daniel Lismore, DJ Jodie Harsh, Rapper Lil Peep, Drag Race alumni Laganja Estranja, Scarlett Bobo, BTS member V (Kim Tae-hyung), Celebrity doctor Vincent Wong, and Game Of Thrones actor Kristian Nairn.