Thank you Fashion Scout London for including this collection as a part of your digital showcase for London Fashion Week 2021.

Genesis Cultura is inspired by modern technology and how humans interact with it. Its commentary delves into questioning the long lasting effects of digital overconsumption. We live in a culture now more than ever that depends on social media, internet, technology to survive- is this sustainable? Our dependency on these mediums is what will bring the collection aesthetic in a cyber-punk, cybercore, and futuristic direction.

Directed, filmed, and edited by Stevie Crowne


Knives Zohra
Charlotte Perotto
Opeyemi Omojafo
Poppy Snow
Jessie Moore
Joseph Walsh-Norman
Mo Isaac
Carla Borges

Special thanks to Ramon + Haroun

Filmed at NeverFade Studios in London

Lookbook photographer: Ramon Gazhang