Mission Statement

The world is like a meter of quilted fabric. Different varieties stitched together in equally separate and unique qualities which make up a diverse and ever changing textile as a whole. I want the fashion industry and consumers to see the world as this textile. When one part of the bolt of our social fabric frays, we must do everything we can to preserve it, or else the fray will continue until the entire bolt of fabric is ultimately ruined and lost forever. Although it seems at times that what happens to others could never happen to you, it’s time to look at global issues as an interconnected web, sensitively connecting us all
regardless if we choose to see it that way or not. I don’t think the issue is that nobody wants to take action to fix the damage being done to the planet and fashion ecosystem, but more or less many actually just don’t know how to; and even if they know how to, how can it be streamlined and accessible to do so within their span of convenience.
” – Stevie Crowne

The fashion industry poses a waste problem that has been in the conversation stages for far too long, and the company objective of Stevie Crowne Limited is to accelerate solutions that are organically grown, and scalable globally within 5-10 years as both a fashion brand producing ethical apparel alongside integrating streamlined technology innovations into our business.

Our company is one that predominantly adheres to circular design practices within the circular fashion economy. This is an economic system defined by the Institute of Positive Fashion that eschews traditional linearity and is built on the principles of designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems. Within this, circular clothing design refers to designs that use recycled and renewable materials (and/or post-production offcuts), and designs for emotional and physical durability, reuse, repair, redesign, modularity, disassembly, and