World Microphone China + London

The last 48 hours have been a plot twist to say the least. World Microphone posted our streetstyle interview featuring our debut London Fashion Week collection, AW22 Axis onto Chinese Tiktok and is now officially live on the UK + international app.

Chinese Tiktok link:

International Tiktok:

Thank you to everybody in China who has followed and sent words of kindness! I’ve been reading all of your DM’s and I am so grateful. XOXO

Stay tuned for what we have planned next!

One thought on “World Microphone China + London

  1. A fan from China! Check you on the Chinese social media!! Stevie you’re absolutely the cutest person I ever seen!!! I’m going to the UK to study and have my master degree, hope to meet you some days?! And I just check your website and found it cool and adorable, I shall make some orders from you, can’t wait to receive the package in the future!!!! Hope you all well, and bless you!

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