In 2019, I want to move away from dark, post apocalyptic visuals and concepts in order to rebirth a brighter side of my creative entity. I will do this by incorporating bright neons, colorful metallics, textured holographic vinyls/trims, and rhinestone encrustments. We will see a change take form in creative optimism.

SS19, “Energy Never Dies” will be a stand out collection compared to everything I have ever released. I want it to be a celebration/movement of pop art mixed with the signature rebel-glam edge I typically offer. In a few words, this collection can be described as a futuristic art-rave.

As per usual, this collection is a narrative on my own experiences. It is about the part of myself that I have always held onto and that will never cease to exist. It is an ode to everybody who has gone through dark times but have allowed greatness to prevail; a synergy that me and my audience share together. It is for the people who have faced adversity and come out on top, allowing their truest and most vibrant parts of themselves to shine. The Energy to reinvent, reimagine, and repurpose ourselves year after year will never die.

Above is the poster with the details and below are sneak peek photos of the new collection!

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