If you stay in touch with my social channels and my brand and are reading this, chances are you are informed that I recently decided to work towards a move to London, England to expand my fashion brand I created in Canada and brought all over the country the last 10 years. All the way from Saskatchewan to Vancouver to Toronto and then Montreal and being everywhere in between has been a pleasure. Touring and creating for individuals across the country has truly inspired me in ways that they do not know. As you would imagine, there is a lot of deadstock supplies and materials I’ve accumulated over my journey and a large part of being a sustainable designer is using these excess materials before I leave to reduce my carbon footprint and waste as a designer. Over the weekend my intuition and heart lead me to reimagine, reinvent, and repurpose a neon jacket that I have had on my hands for about a month now. Below is the step-by-step process and thoughts behind how I channeled each material into this limited edition piece unconsciously inspired by Lady Gaga‘s Chromatica eco-warrior archetype.

This is the garment in question in its most simplest and thrifted form. I have always been a fan of bold color and as soon as I saw this at a thrift shop in my hometown during my travels, I knew I had to buy it.


Here is the jacket after the fabric dying and splatter stage. Check below to see the process up close!
                    STEP 2:  INSTALLING PYRAMID STUDS

Here is the jacket after the stud embellishment phase. This is the trademark that truly launched my brand in 2011 when I did my very first fashion show in Saskatoon at the age of 16 years old


Considered to be my favourite transformation of this jacket, this is the final product after placing the chain detail, fine crystal work, sewing in the car emblems, and then crystallizing the car emblems to give it that extra detail work. To make it official, I recycled the blue dead stock leather that I had carried in my possession for years and cut it into a cute label and signed it myself. Check below to see the final behind-the-scenes process!



I am thrilled with the response given and interest to buy this piece even before the full reveal! I have decided to do a auction for this piece and bidding starts at $600.00 CAD. You can place you bid through email at [email protected] or DM me on instagram @StevieCrowne. All bidders will be notified as other bids come through and can decide to place a higher bid! All proceeds from this will go towards buying new sewing equipment and supplies to upstart my brand in London, UK this fall. This auction will end in one week from today on September 9th, 2020 at 12am! Once again, Thank you for reading, staying posted, and supporting my brand and vision!

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