British Fashion Icon Daniel Lismore

Daniel is somebody I have admired greatly in the art-fashion world for years now. From giving @ted talks that are truly revolutionary; specifically in relation to living your life as a work of art, producing out of this world style-art exhibitions which translate into living sculptural fantasies, and also being described by @voguemagazine as England’s most eccentric dresser.
Daniel also facilitates some of the greatest spaces on Clubhouse that have made thousands feel included alongside myself and has co-hosted talks with other major style icons I look up to such as Daphne Guinness & Roisin Murphey, who I recently was able to speak with; something I never thought would be possible for a long time in a post-pandemic world.
Thank you for your contributions to our industry and the people in it! It’s never easy starting over again in a new city, let alone in a new country while expanding a brand to the global marketplace. Your energy, your togetherness, and your creative light is something I wish we saw more of on this planet! ? ? ?
Livestream footage of Daniel post photoshoot
Made to measure and featuring braided chain trimmings and greek key stitch embroidered chrome with hand sewn diamanté embellishments accented by silver pyramid studs.
Behind the scenes footage of crown production

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