CENTRESTAGE: Hong Kong Tradeshow

Earlier this month, our collections were on display at CentreStage @hktdclifestyle in Hong Kong at the @fashionsummithk booth alongside our UNTITLED June @londonfashionweek film in collaboration with @deuxfemmes.films

It’s my privilege to be expanding into the Asian marketplace and exploring wholesale opportunities at hand. See our video and galleries below!


Our SS23 Atmosphere collection will be launching during @londonfashionweek, running from September 16th-20th, 2022.

It will be a narrative on society’s problem with overconsumption which is contributing to the global climate crisis. Aesthetics will draw from the cross-contamination between nature and humans who are being affected by this continued unsustainable direction in economics. It will integrate awareness expressed through our ethical signature craftsmanship in order to bring forward the true beauty of nature offset by pollution.

I have 3 more slots open for bespoke commissions for attendees with instalment plans via @clearpay_uk and @paypal ! Shoot me a DM or fill in the bespoke contact form on StevieCrowne.com/Bespoke

We also have a 25% off promotion and have introduced bespoke packages to the store. Use code “LFW22” at checkout!

Now available for pulls via IN-HOUSE

IN-HOUSE  is a curated hub of brands with a vetted black book of industry experts. A platform for Stylists and Editors to browse collections and request garments directly from businesses for editorial shoots, celebrity, and influencer placement. IN-HOUSE  bridges the gap between independent labels and thousands of industry insiders, providing exposure in targeted fields. We currently have our London Fashion Week digital collections, AXIS AW22 + UNTITLED JUNE 2022 available for pulls.

Visit our profile at https://in-house.group/showcase.


Untitled is a collection of gowns, dresses, and separates created by using deadstock fabrics donated courtesy from our friend Daniel Lismore. It is a celebration of color, volume, and texture; featuring a multitude of pleats, ruffles, and bows. A true representation of the spontaneous nature of what the Stevie Crowne brand stands for. This is our first collection entirely made from patterns and traditional techniques, rather than upcycling. Instead of planning for months on end, moodboarding, and choosing a theme to create the collection based on, I decided to focus on the craftsmanship, silhouettes, and overall design rather than thematic storyline. Untitled was entirely created on the spot in a 3 week timespan prior to shooting.

Photographer: Henri Antonio

Assistant photographer: Loui Beggache

Film Production: Deux Femme films

Creative director: Anastasya Petersone

Camera operator: Anna Rihtere

Music by Luke Crowder

MAKEUP: Jolanta Sewell @Jolanta.sewell

HAIR: Leanne Chester Stephanie Henley


Diana D

Holly Moon-Griffith

Ella Ward

Ayako Hirota

Perry Marin Cooke

Aneesa Jawed

Sabrina Santos

Anastasya Petersone

Alex Woolhouse

Scarlett Bobo


I introduce to you our interactive capsule launch for the “CROWNE YOURSELF” spring campaign, now live and in beta mode right here! We have 12 upcycled crown motif variables to choose from, ranging from £20-£30 per design. As usual, our sizing ranges from Small to 5XL.

In the near future we plan to branch this concept into fully customizable jackets, dresses, and further accessory ranges. I believe that each person has the potential for great style; and each style has a story- what’s yours?

Up until now, bespoke commissions have been an experience reserved to a higher investing clientele, where we merge the finest quality of craftsmanship, materials, and design concepts.

Although it is my highest privilege to connect with customers on a personal level, I have wanted for years to streamline an accessible, inclusive experience for everyone else who want to join in on the fun on a smaller budget. We have made this possible through our easy to use automated platform which can produce you a customized tee shirt as easy as two clicks. Try it out for yourself below!

Welcome to our newfound era of accessibility

It is with great excitement that we announce that Clearpay in 4 instalments and PayPal, Pay over 3 months has been integrated into our shop, bespoke services, and overall business structure.

This is the first time we are able to make our brand accessible to a broader demographic who want to buy reimagined classics, explore their inner style, and reconnect with clientele who commission one-of-a-kind garments that are made to measure. 

The process is easy! Just click the Clearpay icon when checking out in our shop or the PayPal pay in 3 icon below your cart!

Regarding our bespoke services, we are able to integrate this process by creating a privatized product link with your specified design mock-up & inspiration photos, price, and measurements when you are ready to purchase. Customized style has never been as seamless at Stevie Crowne Limited. See more into the experience below!

We also accept Google Pay, international credit and debit cards, alongside traditional direct to bank transfers. 

2016 “Mc Fuckin’ it” RE-RELEASE

When I imagine what my life was like when I came up with this idea originally for Black Market Toronto in 2016, it couldn’t be more of a 180 than what my life looks like today here in England. I was an emerging Canadian artist yet to breakthrough in the Toronto market, grinding and working endlessly to be seen and heard. I remember being stuck in the cycle of low paying/intern jobs at the beginning of my career and this shirt design was an intellectual statement on the times I was living in. Although I was doing what  I loved technically and I was working 5 jobs, I was still making minimum wage and struggling to pay the bills. The phrase for the tee is quite self explanatory- you get the gist of it. When you move to a new city with nothing but a suitcase, $100.00, and a dream, you have to just go for it; Peep and I shared that narrative in a way.

Fast track one year and some months later, I started to breakthrough in Toronto and the Mcfuckin’ it tee design I contributed for my old job was still being distributed. Lil Peep was on his final tour and made his last stop in Toronto, playing at the Phoenix in fall 2017. In February 2018 after his passing,  a screengrabbed video that he posted and photos surfaced of him at a McDonalds I used to go to for lunch when I worked at BM (On Spadina & Queen Street west); it was about a 5 minute walk from where we sold the Mcfuckin’ it tee’s. I’ll never forget connecting the dots, realizing he bought my design at my old job and wore it out to film that cheeky video.

Ever since, die hard Peep fans have reached out to me to purchase from the original creator. It was more or less a upon request thing until now when some of his fans on Tiktok called for a re-release. This design has 100% been replicated over and over again by fast fashion, DIY artists, and so on; but that is not what this story is about. This story is about young kids going for their dreams no matter what, and breaking through whatever stands in their way to achieve their goals, just like Peep did.

What makes our re-release special is that I have the true story of its creation to tell and the story behind it to share with you all now. I have Peep to thank for supporting my idea at a time when I was really struggling in my career, being underpaid for my ideas, and posthumously connecting me with a beautiful community of individuals who support each other.

Rest in Power Peep. We all love you.

Fun fact: Kim Taehung, otherwise known as V from K-POP sensation BTS was also photographed in our Mcfuckin it Design in 2019!

SHOP THE RE-RELEASE HERE: https://steviecrowne.com/product/mcfuckin-it-2016-re-release/

World Microphone China + London

The last 48 hours have been a plot twist to say the least. World Microphone posted our streetstyle interview featuring our debut London Fashion Week collection, AW22 Axis onto Chinese Tiktok and is now officially live on the UK + international app.

Chinese Tiktok link: https://v.douyin.com/NbfEYSU/

International Tiktok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMLQMxGcq/

Thank you to everybody in China who has followed and sent words of kindness! I’ve been reading all of your DM’s and I am so grateful. XOXO

Stay tuned for what we have planned next!