The Making Of: SS17 Custom Pre-Orders

Custom patchwork, ombré and coloured denim, distressing, and embellishments will be a theme in my SS17 design roster. I had the pleasure to create the first sample commissioned by Canadian DJ Rebellion, which included pink denim, flatback rhinestones, unique distressing styles, with multiple patches specially made in her vision.

See the gallery below to view our inspiration pictorial moodboard process. 

From this inspiration, I went out sourcing on Queen Street, Spadina, and College to source the materials to be used. The first step was to distress and dye the jacket. After this, the rhinestone pattern was solidified as the patchwork ideas were slowly worked on and perfected. See the gallery below 

Once the base patches were finished, It was time to trim and add final touches. The final placement was decided as the project was in the final stages.

[gallery columns=”3″

Below is the final product. Stay posted for photos from DJ Rebellion on her instagram (@JamieCarriere) or Facebook page, (DJ Rebellion @RebellionJamie) 

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