Welcome to the first glance of our Genesis Cultura collection which will be officially launched in September 2021 in London, England, marking the release of our first international offering.

The Genesis Cultura collection is inspired by modern technology and how humans interact with it. Its commentary and thesis delves into questioning the long lasting effects of digital overconsumption and if it is becoming more and more toxic and lethal to the core values of humanity. We live in a culture now more than ever that depends on social media, internet, technology to survive- is this sustainable? Our dependency on these mediums is what will bring the collection aesthetic in a cyber-punk, cybercore, and futuristic direction.

Pre-orders and customized versions of these looks can be acquired by emailing [email protected]

Photography & Videography by Harun. You can follow his work on Instagram @downtothestrt
Shot on location in Canary Wharf, London, England