From Thrift To Finish: Neon Alien Puffer Jacket

Every once in a while, I have the time to document the full process of a commission. As soon as I received this order in September, I knew that given the aesthetic direction and artistic elements involved, that this would be one of those commissions I had to document for a blog. The idea from the client was to have a neon green puffer jacket with the incorporation of alien motifs to wear in the winter. Winter style is known to be a little drab and uninspiring from my experience, so this project was a true one off experience to assist in conceptualizing and producing.

Below is the finished product, but if you want to see the entire process of creation, continue scrolling!

Below are photos of the puffer jacket in its most basic form. The request from my client was that we source a jacket with the largest quilted patterns which I kept in mind while sourcing.

Next up, it was essential to do swatching tests to begin the process. Fabric testing and execution took several coats and garnishing touches before we arrived at the perfect coverage and hue. I also strategically taped off the side and arm panels as well as the top half of the jacket so that the neon colour contrasted well.

Photos and videos below are the videos from my instagram stories/updates I gave my client.

After garnishing with a fabric sealant, It was time to start handcrafting the alien patches from reclaimed leather and to give it that finished, embroidered edge. I also added an an alien motif zipper-pull to tie in the theme.

The very last step was to heat set the paint several times to ensure that the paint holds onto the original fabric.

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