Custom Festival Style: Denim, Aliens and Fringe

What excites me about Spring and Summer is festival season. Spanning across the world with events like Burning Man, Coachella, Shambhala, Tomorrowland, or Harvest Festival, everybody is looking for a unique look to let loose in and have fun with.

To kick off the season, I was happy to accept a custom order for a reworked denim jacket from Frazer Mac, songwriter for The Market Kids in Toronto. This jacket had a very specific vision from start to finish. See the gallery below to view the base jacket before any alterations.

He specified he wanted a jacket with a blackout panel, side-seam/arm fringe detailing, and an alien motif to round out the design concept. 

The first step was to find the right leather to incorporate in the jacket (recycled, of course). I sliced open a back panel of a vintage leather bomber and edge stitched it onto the back-center panel. 

After this, I began the fringing process. The requirements for the arm length  was approximately 10″ and the back-side seam 12″. The back-side was sewn on first before I began on the arm length. 

Next up was the custom alien patch, which was based off of The Market Kids Logo. Using recycled denim, I cut out the perfect shape of an alien head, which was tweaked several times to perfect it. Instead of finding a green paint to work off of, I decided to mix the perfect formula of paints to make a genuine shade of green. There were three alien heads created in total, but one was selected for the jacket. 

Below is the final product picture

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