Crowne Clientele: Custom Garments 

Throughout producing collections and while designing future looks, a large part of my inspiration as an artist comes from my personal clientele I work with on a monthly basis. This is a range of my market whom request custom designs created in our vision together in collaboration; some with higher budgets, and some with minimal budgets. We discuss artistic direction and continuously stay in contact while sourcing.

In this write-up I am showcasing projects I have had the pleasure to work on in 2016. 

Up first is a custom pair of Nike shoes I embellished earlier in 2016. She wanted a jet black look with a metallic contrast. I then reinforced  the shoes with silver tree spikes on the front of the shoe + side panels. Check out the gallery below to see the collaboration.

Another garment I created was a white denim jacket which I dyed multiple times to achieve a dark, smokey grey.We decided on a sleek black alligator skin incorporation with patchwork crowns on the top front of the jacket. See the gallery below to view the process from beginning to end.

During the time of music genius Prince’s passing, I decided to pay homage to him by introducing purple-dyed denim into my design roster. Once commissioned, the purple vest in the gallery below was detailed with black reptile skin and embellished with black pyramid studs. Shoulder detailing, distressing, and custom text in leather was placed on the back side in spirit of festival season.

Up next was a more simple project for a local business owner who runs a spin studio. I cropped a graphic T, and incorporated my signature splatter methods to make the look more punk. I then distressed it to add more visual effect.

Next on the list was a gay pride inspired  design, based off of my Black Market Toronto design, “EVERYBODY IS A LITTLE GAY.” I cropped it, distressed it, and sewed on uniquely cut authentic leather crowns to cohesively blend into his garment.

With the next project for a close friend of mine I was given a blue denim jacket with patchwork details.  I was instructed to change the color of the jacket which led me to acid wash the fabric and then use splatter and smear painting techniques.

More recently, a client in Saskatchewan recently  commissioned a leather bomber jacket reminiscent of the James Bond look.  I had been recently experimenting with leather distressing and dye techniques which led me to use those on this piece. Once dyed multiple times, I used to metallic markers to define the crowns and drip technique. Custom bracelets were also created to match! See the gallery below to view the process.

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