Stevie Crowne puts his clientele in the drivers seat of creative expression, allowing them to come forward with their own unique ideas which are brought forward with the greatest attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Our bespoke service caters to customers who have original ideas or who want to work off of designs from our collections or existing garments they want revamped. We specialize in tailoring to size, style, and budget requirements. Fill out our contact form to get in contact with us about our bespoke process!

Payment installment plans via Paypal and Clearpay have now been integrated into our services.

Our sustainable methods vary from fabric dying, hardware embellishment, embroidery, painting, patchwork, heat transferred vinyl graphics, embossing, sometimes as well collaborating with visual artists to produce limited edition prints and bespoke creations. Nothing is off limits!

Orders depending on complexity can take between 21-45 days to produce and ship. Rush orders are accepted depending on proximity and volume.

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Paypal and Clearpay to make the bespoke process a little bit more accessible than it has been previously. We understand that custom clothing can be expensive and time consuming but we are here to make each step manageable for our clients.