SS17 Phase 2: Utopia

Utopia, visually will begin with a nod to aquatic colors and ocean life. The next set of elements incorporated will feature earthy tones & textures paralled to the “earth” theme. Slowly, the inspiration palette will move towards the sky, and thereafter, outer-space.

Elements included will be: sequin fabrics + colorful patterns, to correlate with aquatic sea life and textures. Mineral crystals and healing gems will be incorporated as applique on select looks as the “earth” segment of the collection moves forward. Earth tones and reptile skin will also be incorporated. In the “sky” portion of the collection, expect a “cloud 9” blue skies print/applique technique along with patterns that look like the land of living skies. In the last portion of the Utopia collection, it will look like outer space star constellations/prints on garments to reflect on how we are all connected with the universe, no matter how far we may seem to away from it on planet earth. 

Keyhole motifs + accents will be featured on select garments to symbolize the “unlocking” of each & every interpretation of Utopia. Most importantly, unlocking the vital information that holds us as a consumer culture to educate us on emerging eco trends in the fashion industry.

Start to finish, it will be a natural progression of planet earths’ most beautiful offerings, translated through Stevie Crowne textures, craftsmanship, style, and messaging. 

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