Behind The Scenes: SS17 Ride Or Die: KAWAII CROWNE for Thread X Thread Runway Showcase.

On Monday, May 29th, 2017 I showcased my look for the Thread X Thread Challenge for Mont Pellier at Daniels’ Spectrum. Below is the official advertisement.

 For the top and skirt, I was inspired with Canadian Smocking techniques and being a fan of texture, I incorporated this fashion element into the garments. Since it is Summer, I went with a sleeveless crop top and created a motif crown made out of smocking material, trimmed with 10c zipper hardware and chains to give it my usual D.I.Y approach. The front of the skirt had to be paneled with the smocking as well as a 10c Zipper and chain material to match the top. 
Here are some behind the scenes process photos of the production side of this project in May 2017. Thank you Evan Biddell for allowing me to use your studio for this project and also Canadian Smocking expert Belle Bunag! 

The video below is a clip of me and Deborah Milner, Alexander McQueen’s former design consultant, talking about the garments I produced for this runway showcase. 

And below is the final chain finger details I made for Mercedes to wear down the runway.

Here is Aveda Stylist Shallynn Cassandra doing her final touches on Mercedes at the show as well as some behind the scenes at Aveda earlier in the day!

And finally, here is Fashion Model Mercedes Mitchell after the runway doing a 360 photo session + photoshoot. I worked with her for weeks on end to ensure she embodied my brand for our special night. She truely made my vision come to fruition and I will never forget her involvement in this project. 

Thank you everybody and congratulations to Jon Riosa for winning the competition!

My full runway set will be uploaded in the next two weeks. Thank you Mont Pellier, thank you Thread International, Thank you to the staff at Daniels’ Spectrum, thank you Mercedes Mitchell, thank you Aveda Canada, and thank you CANADA + 🌎.
-Stevie Crowne

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