Custom work is a primary service which Stevie Crowne offers. The process of each piece starts off with tailoring to suit each client. Next, the garment goes through a complete 180° transformation using methods such as fabric dying, hardware embellishment, embroidery, painting, patchwork, embossing, sometimes as well collaborating with visual artists to produce limited edition prints and bespoke creations. Private personalization on set budgets is a main priority because he believes that sustainability, inclusivity, and accessibility should never be left out of the same sentence. During the draft concept phase, clients are encouraged to come forward with their own concepts and specifications if they wish to do so.

Free consults will be done for 15-30 minutes before a deposit or payment is made in most cases. Orders depending on the season and complexity can take between four to twelve weeks to ship.

Thank you for choosing a sustainable method to find new ways to style your old garments.

Terms and conditions

Note that with all custom orders there are no refunds due to the time put into sourcing and executing each vision. Failure to communicate correct measurements, deadlines, and overall ideas during the collaboration process will result in overdue shipments and stalled projects. No order will be shipped until the full payment and shipping amount has been paid in full. If full payments(including shipping) have not been made within six months of the first deposit, it will result in the loss of your order.

This also applies to no shows to vital in person appointments. Each appointment missed will cost a penalty of $50.

If an order requires additional tailoring or fitting, each client has one month after receiving the order to communicate any issues and potential alterations as well as to send back the garment.

Contact info@steviecrowne.com for more information on commissions and collaborations.