Mission Statement

Stevie Crowne Limited promises to continue using ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly practices in our revised and incorporated business model. We will promote human inclusivity and intersectionality as a brand and create an environment where nobody feels left out or behind. As a newly international enterprise, we pledge to remain true to our roots and DNA while continuing to instil universal values in our upcoming concepts and ideas.

It is the companies civic duty to design each article of clothing with utmost responsibility to the planet, dignifying and celebrating each person who wears it. Private personalization and inclusive budgets is a main priority because we believe that sustainability, inclusivity, and accessibility should never be left out of the same sentence. The new era of Stevie Crowne sustainability will work beyond trends, aesthetics and will continually move forward to be equal parts blood, bones, and soul. This is our declaration of incorporation as of October 26th, 2020.