FW17 Custom Orders

As the holiday 2017 season is approaching, I thought it would be a good idea to release some pictures of custom garments I have had commissioned in the last month.

To start off, here is a custom dyed & adorned leather jacket for DJ Kristian Nairn. The process began with mixing an 18K gold leather paint with 3D Metallic Green pigments to give an iridescent shine for the stage. After three coats of the custom paint, I embellished the edges of the ribbed panels.

Below is a bulk order from Toronto singer Ellie Ellsworth. With her supplied olive crop top, I cut out a plaid crown motif with a matching pocket to adorn her sleeve. With the pink hoodie she left with me, I decided to dye wash & splatter it with a black dye, and cut out a leather snakeskin embossed cutout crown. Last but not least, I panelled her denim jacket with a red velvet as an ode to the Christmas season coming up!


For my next order from a Toronto Makeup artist, I decided to dye a blue denim entirely black before splashing bleach all over the garment. After this I adorned the collar with a 10c YKK zipper to give it an edge. To finish, I incorporated my skullboy snakeskin patch on either side of her shoulder, trimmed with silver.


Above is an order from my SS18 Collection, “UNDERGROUND MONARCH.” I took a vintage blazer and tailored it before I added the beige textured velvet inserts & crown emblem.

Last but not least we have Toronto pop singer Danny Dymond wearing a FW17 Lost Youth leather vest, trimmed with 10c YKK zippers and splattered with silver leather paint.


DJ Kristian Nairn in custom FW17, “LOST YOUTH” collection

Last month I had the pure pleasure of being in contact with actor turned rockstar DJ, Kristian Nairn; particularly known from his role on the television show, “Game Of Thrones.”   

As soon as I was given the inspiration which was driven from folklore + rune symbolism, woodsmen characteristics, intertwined with my punk rock techniques, I began sketching t shirt ideas. 

Commissioned at $120 per custom shirt, below are photos of a few shirts we came up with from the sketches as well as on the spot when I was producing them. 

Below are a few close up shots. 

As soon as the American leg of his tour launched in October 2017, he has been seen wearing the designs in fan photos. 

Most recently he was spotted in Las Vegas with DJ Steve Aoki performing at Hakkasan Bar. Below are photos of them together. Kristian is seen wearing our FW17 LOST YOUTH t-shirt design, instagrammed by Steve Aoki. 

 I am just about to ship our first custom jacket commission, which I am excited to upload the blog for!
-Stevie Crowne 


This summer has been a fantastic season with custom orders. I have been lucky enough to be creating stagewear for some extremely talented Toronto singers.

Below are galleries of the behind the scenes process shots for Toronto Soul Singer Nefe, LGBT pop artist Danny Dymond, and local youtube bloggers, Korkscrewed. 


Nefe performing at Field Music + Arts Festival in June 2017. 

Instagram- @nefemusic 

Danny Dymond backstage at Niagara Pride in June 2017 and on his new single cover, “XCLUSIVE.”

Instagram- @DannyDymond