SS18, “UNDERGROUND MONARCH” premieres April 18th 2018 at 9:15pm at Fashion Art Toronto





Royal Blue Sleeve “Underground Monarch” Leather Jacket

Brocade Embellished “Underground Monarch” Bomber

SS18, “UNDERGROUND MONARCH” Collection premieres April 18th 2018 at 9:15pm at Daniels Spectrum as a part of the “DISCONNECT” day for Fashion Art Toronto.

For my Spring Summer 2018 range of designs, I am combining a traditional aspect of regal aesthetic, while incorporating my trademark underground vintage fashion style. The initial idea was to take two opposite concepts, and in harmony, bring the two together to break the divide between high class and low class society. The show itself will begin with streetwear inspiration, with a monarch inspired take before the collection slowly transforms into more sophisticated look which will possesses an element of grit, grunge, and rock and roll which is what I am known for.

The “Underground Monarch” collection visually will begin with royal blue leather jackets, paneled with red velvet cuffs, trimmed with brocade. You will also see embellished gold brocade trimmings placed strategically on street bomber jackets for men and women. The pivotal moment in this collection will be the new way I am redesigning denim this season, which will be shown midway through the show. Thereafter you will see an introduction of the sophisticated part of the show through the form of tailored blazer dresses, paneled with deep wine paisley velvet’s, finished with top quality 10c YKK gold zipper trimmings. High end luxury cloaks will also be a new addition to my runway collection which will close the show. I am collaborating with Kirsten Garbutt (

 The initial concept of this line comes from the idea that no matter where we come from, we all have the power to be the kings or queens of our own choices, decisions, and lifestyles. One may begin their own journey below ground but it doesn’t mean that you can’t dictate later on that you want to branch out into a more sophisticated style while remaining true to who you are. I researched the modern royal British monarch fashion history for about three months before delving into my own personal street style roots which always was easy to tap into.
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Clients Of Crowne

Ride Or Die SS17 on William Lavinia

Photo By Wooden Punk Photography


DJ Kristian Nairn in our leather embossed patchwork t-shirt design in London, UK


Rapper Lil Peep In Toronto wearing my Stevie Crowne x Black Market Collection. R.I.P

Fashion Model Alisa Savina In Los Angeles wearing Stevie Crowne custom denim.

Model Karyn Inder in Stevie Crowne resort-wear 2017-18

Toronto performer William Lavinia in SS17 Ride Or Die

Photography by Taylor Oakes

Toronto musician Ellie Elsworth in custom Stevie Crowne Evil Eye Jacket


Stevie Joffe in FW17-18 Resortwear from Toronto Band, Birds Of Bellwoods.

Photo Laird Connor Watt

Saskatchewan based musican Andy Bauche in our custom dye wash lab coat.

Toronto based producer Slater Manzo in FW17 Lost Youth Collection at Toronto Fashion Week.

2018 Custom Orders

Custom Dye Wash Denim

Distressed Sleeves + Front Panels + Cuffs

Pyramid Stud Details

Chain Detail On Shoulder



Looney Tunes Denim Jacket

Featuring Ralph Wolf + Marvin The Martian On Front Panels

Warner Brothers Patch On Back Center

Tailored To Fit


Motorcycle Denim Vest

Dip Dyed

Embellished with 10c YKK Zippers

Distressed Shoulder Details + Armholes


Denim Trench-Vest

2x Dye + Acid Wash

Signature Stevie Crowne Patch

Denim Oversized Jacket

Dip Dyed

Leather Collar

Signature Stevie Crowne Patches

Heart Motif Patch With Zig-Zag Border Trim


Custom Leather Jacket

Rose Patches With Red Tree Spikes

Leather Braid Trim



Custom Dye Wash Sweater

Custom “SS18 UNDERGROUND MONARCH” Velvet Cloak

Embroidered Drawstring



FW17/18 Resortwear


1)Tailored, dip dyed, and splattered varsity denim jacket.

2)Splattered + Dip dyed Quilted Sweater

3)Dip dyed t-shirt



Dyed + acid washed Denim “Alien-Nation” Jumpsuit



1)Velvet hoodie with luxury embossed leather Crowne detail

2)Safety-pin embellished Crowne neckwarmer with 10C YKK zipper trim




New stock coming soon to online store. Email for custom enquiries.

Shot By Alejandro Nunez.


FW17 Custom Orders

As the holiday 2017 season is approaching, I thought it would be a good idea to release some pictures of custom garments I have had commissioned in the last month.

To start off, here is a custom dyed & adorned leather jacket for DJ Kristian Nairn. The process began with mixing an 18K gold leather paint with 3D Metallic Green pigments to give an iridescent shine for the stage. After three coats of the custom paint, I embellished the edges of the ribbed panels.

Below is a bulk order from Toronto singer Ellie Ellsworth. With her supplied olive crop top, I cut out a plaid crown motif with a matching pocket to adorn her sleeve. With the pink hoodie she left with me, I decided to dye wash & splatter it with a black dye, and cut out a leather snakeskin embossed cutout crown. Last but not least, I panelled her denim jacket with a red velvet as an ode to the Christmas season coming up!


For my next order from a Toronto Makeup artist, I decided to dye a blue denim entirely black before splashing bleach all over the garment. After this I adorned the collar with a 10c YKK zipper to give it an edge. To finish, I incorporated my skullboy snakeskin patch on either side of her shoulder, trimmed with silver.


Above is an order from my SS18 Collection, “UNDERGROUND MONARCH.” I took a vintage blazer and tailored it before I added the beige textured velvet inserts & crown emblem.

Last but not least we have Toronto pop singer Danny Dymond wearing a FW17 Lost Youth leather vest, trimmed with 10c YKK zippers and splattered with silver leather paint.