This summer has been a fantastic season with custom orders. I have been lucky enough to be creating stagewear for some extremely talented Toronto singers.

Below are galleries of the behind the scenes process shots for Toronto Soul Singer Nefe, LGBT pop artist Danny Dymond, and local youtube bloggers, Korkscrewed. 

NEFE โค

Nefe performing at Field Music + Arts Festival in June 2017. 

Instagram- @nefemusic 

Danny Dymond backstage at Niagara Pride in June 2017 and on his new single cover, “XCLUSIVE.”

Instagram- @DannyDymond


SS17: UTOPIA Collection ย 

Below is my latest Summer 2017 collection, Utopia. 

I have to thank The 519 Community Center on Church Street, The Wiggle Festival, Never Apart, and Nuit Rose for giving me the opportunity to show my latest vision. 

Thank you phorographers


Dennis Martin

 Ema de Lanerolle
Thank you to models:

Belle Brown

Renee Giroux

Theo Potter 

Kelaiah Guiel

Layla Ryan 

Danny Dymond

Mercedes Mitchell 

Shalaine Bouvier

Alisa Savina

Aaron Mead 

Zsombor Burany 
The next installment of Utopia 2.0 will be announced early July 2017! 

SS17 Phase 2: Utopia

Utopia, visually will begin with a nod to aquatic colors and ocean life. The next set of elements incorporated will feature earthy tones & textures paralled to the “earth” theme. Slowly, the inspiration palette will move towards the sky, and thereafter, outer-space.

Elements included will be: sequin fabrics + colorful patterns, to correlate with aquatic sea life and textures. Mineral crystals and healing gems will be incorporated as applique on select looks as the “earth” segment of the collection moves forward. Earth tones and reptile skin will also be incorporated. In the “sky” portion of the collection, expect a “cloud 9” blue skies print/applique technique along with patterns that look like the land of living skies. In the last portion of the Utopia collection, it will look like outer space star constellations/prints on garments to reflect on how we are all connected with the universe, no matter how far we may seem to away from it on planet earth. 

Keyhole motifs + accents will be featured on select garments to symbolize the “unlocking” of each & every interpretation of Utopia. Most importantly, unlocking the vital information that holds us as a consumer culture to educate us on emerging eco trends in the fashion industry.

Start to finish, it will be a natural progression of planet earths’ most beautiful offerings, translated through Stevie Crowne textures, craftsmanship, style, and messaging. 

Behind The Scenes: SS17 Ride Or Die: KAWAII CROWNE for Thread X Thread Runway Showcase.

On Monday, May 29th, 2017 I showcased my look for the Thread X Thread Challenge for Mont Pellier at Daniels’ Spectrum. Below is the official advertisement.

 For the top and skirt, I was inspired with Canadian Smocking techniques and being a fan of texture, I incorporated this fashion element into the garments. Since it is Summer, I went with a sleeveless crop top and created a motif crown made out of smocking material, trimmed with 10c zipper hardware and chains to give it my usual D.I.Y approach. The front of the skirt had to be paneled with the smocking as well as a 10c Zipper and chain material to match the top. 
Here are some behind the scenes process photos of the production side of this project in May 2017. Thank you Evan Biddell for allowing me to use your studio for this project and also Canadian Smocking expert Belle Bunag! 

The video below is a clip of me and Deborah Milner, Alexander McQueen’s former design consultant, talking about the garments I produced for this runway showcase. 

And below is the final chain finger details I made for Mercedes to wear down the runway.

Here is Aveda Stylist Shallynn Cassandra doing her final touches on Mercedes at the show as well as some behind the scenes at Aveda earlier in the day!

And finally, here is Fashion Model Mercedes Mitchell after the runway doing a 360 photo session + photoshoot. I worked with her for weeks on end to ensure she embodied my brand for our special night. She truely made my vision come to fruition and I will never forget her involvement in this project. 

Thank you everybody and congratulations to Jon Riosa for winning the competition!

My full runway set will be uploaded in the next two weeks. Thank you Mont Pellier, thank you Thread International, Thank you to the staff at Daniels’ Spectrum, thank you Mercedes Mitchell, thank you Aveda Canada, and thank you CANADA + ๐ŸŒŽ.
-Stevie Crowne

Fashion Takes Action Design Forward Competition: SS17 Ride Or Die 2.0 Runway

๐Ÿ“ท by Leann Parker

Stylist: Sarah Jay 

Spotlight Model: Aluad

Thank you to every one who came out and supported by brand in this competition. Wish me luck in the next step which is making it to the top 3 finalists to showcase in October 2017! 

Here is Kelly Drennan, founder of FTA and I at the press wall.

Below is a gallery of the amazing, talented, and supportive designers/attendees who showed me some major love on Saturday + some behind the scenes. 

-Stevie Crowne

Courtyard Garden Sales At The Darling Mansion, Toronto, Ontario. (EVERY SATURDAY, SUMMER 2017)

Hey guys! Tomorrow between 12pm-6pm I will be participating in the courtyard sale at The Darling Mansion at 224 Dovercourt, Toronto, Ontario. A few pieces from my runway collection will be for sale as well as summer essentials from my brand. Below are the details. I hope to see you all there!

๐Ÿ‘‘ UPDATE: Here are photos from the pop-up!