For our Spring-Summer 2020 collection, I aspire to bring forward an elegant, sophisticated, and classic approach to edgy high streetwear. Over the years, I’ve seen the importance of creating a sustainable fashion brand that transcends into different categories and genres of style. The goal with the Zenith Eunoia collection is to reimagine, reinvent, and repurpose a mix between modern-vintage streetwear with luxurious finishings; inspired by haute couture techniques. You can expect this collection to have strong features like rhinestone embellishing, swarovski crystals, beaded fabrics, embroidery, and pearls. Mixing opposite ends of the spectrum undoubtedly has a mature and glamorous appeal while remaining true to my youthful design aesthetic. My goal as an artist is to grow. I hope my clients, audience, and spectators can grow and learn with me too as time goes on.

the time at which something is most powerful


 It comes from the Greek word εὔνοια, meaning “well mind” or “beautiful thinking.” 

Absolut Vodka #absolutchangemakers Campaign featuring SS19 E.N.D Collection Jacket

I am truly elated to see the Absolut Vodka Canada wide #absolutchangemakers campaign posters being slowly released which features our SS19 ENERGY NEVER DIES Collection signature green printed L.E.D jacket that hit the Fashion Art Toronto Runway this last April! If you are in Vancouver, Toronto, or Montreal you may see this ad campaign roll out soon near you!

Photographer: David J. Fulde

From Thrift To Finish: Neon Alien Puffer Jacket

Every once in a while, I have the time to document the full process of a commission. As soon as I received this order in September, I knew that given the aesthetic direction and artistic elements involved, that this would be one of those commissions I had to document for a blog. The idea from the client was to have a neon green puffer jacket with the incorporation of alien motifs to wear in the winter. Winter style is known to be a little drab and uninspiring from my experience, so this project was a true one off experience to assist in conceptualizing and producing.

Below is the finished product, but if you want to see the entire process of creation, continue scrolling!

Below are photos of the puffer jacket in its most basic form. The request from my client was that we source a jacket with the largest quilted patterns which I kept in mind while sourcing.

Next up, it was essential to do swatching tests to begin the process. Fabric testing and execution took several coats and garnishing touches before we arrived at the perfect coverage and hue. I also strategically taped off the side and arm panels as well as the top half of the jacket so that the neon colour contrasted well.

Photos and videos below are the videos from my instagram stories/updates I gave my client.

After garnishing with a fabric sealant, It was time to start handcrafting the alien patches from reclaimed leather and to give it that finished, embroidered edge. I also added an an alien motif zipper-pull to tie in the theme.

The very last step was to heat set the paint several times to ensure that the paint holds onto the original fabric.


Fall Winter 2019 “Revolutions Per Minute” is a small, intellectual collection that I created in order to streamline my roots as a design creative and also plays into the narrative of how I view the world around me. I decided this season to rework non binary and unisex street-wear staples such as oversized hoodies done in a battle armour inspired way, jackets that are interchangeable + full of conviction, tailored denims, but also statement accessory items like surgical and masquerade masks to accentuate the story-line. Each design element used in R.P.M directly correlates with the overall message I am sending through the medium of sustainable fashion. Also, with a new decade approaching quickly, I acted on the importance of intertwining intellectual design and re-imagined style altogether.

The FW19 R.P.M color palette comes from a simple and monochromatic standpoint. Chains, zippers, metal appliques, and stud + spike embellishments reflect on my earlier trademarks and give an overall dystopic feel to this product range. With plenty of climate marches taking place and millions of people attending global protests for change, I felt it was right to incorporate an anarchist edge into each garment while focusing on simple design. Many of us are fighting for revolution and it inspires me deeply.
Flash reflective materials which before now was never used in my collections has now been heavily incorporated. I was inspired by this new generation of clothing made for taking trendy instagram photos/videos. While I think it’s a great and interactive trend, I wanted to make it my own while also dissecting the reality we all face while interacting in the digital age our current society finds itself in. These are social statement pieces that I hope will further the conversation as to how we can each do our part to reduce, reuse, and recycle fashion.
Interchangeability is an element I experimented with on select looks via the use of zippers. I want my clients to have options and decisions. This includes removable sleeves as well as hoods that can seperate and be used as a neck warmer if needed. I believe that a sustainable garment moving forward into 2020 should have different ways of styling in order for it to stay in people’s wardrobes for a longer amount of time, rather than being quickly disposable which further pollutes the planet.
Touching base with where I come from while staying in relation to the global climate crisis is important to me. I created this collection to be a true depiction/narrative of these two things. Above all things, this is a testament to the now rising eco fashion movement; a lifestyle collection to close the end of an era, the 2010’s. This is a call to action for all people to think more sustainable when it comes to fashion.

I have reimagined, reinvented, and repurposed my ideology alongside these items in this collection in hopes of bringing people together to have a common purpose. I want to spark a conversation as to how we can work together to make a difference, starting with what we wear and how we wear it. “REVOLUTIONS PER MINUTE” was made for style revolutionaries and fashion rebels everywhere.