About Stevie Crowne

Canadian  turned London, UK based Fashion Designer Stevie Crowne produces collections by reimagining, reinventing, and repurposing top quality vintage and thrift styles. Primarily focusing on sustainable practices, he creates 2+ collections per year since 2011 and upcycles his findings into fresh, bespoke, and contemporary fashion garments. Each Spring-Summer & Fall-Winter, collections are manifested that are both socially driven and equally individualistic.

Custom work is a primary service which Stevie Crowne Limited offers to clients. Tailoring, fabric dying, hardware embellishment, embroidery, fabric & leather painting, custom patchwork, embossing, and crystal diamante hand stitching are among the possibilities available. Private personalization and inclusive budgets is a main priority because we believe that sustainability, inclusivity, and accessibility should never be left out of the same sentence.

The main goal here is to reduce, reuse, and recycle as many garments as we can in order to reduce fast fashions carbon footprint. From streetwear,  high street, runway, performance-wear, to upscale garments, Stevie has you covered on all bases!

Kristian Nairn, DJ, and actor widely known from his role in Game Of Thrones, underground trap-grunge Rapper Lil Peep, Kim Taehyung from K-Pop Group BTS, Canada’s Drag Race Cast member Scarlett Bobo, British fashion Icon Daniel Lismore, UK Entertainment personality Naomi Isted, High fashion model Elizabeth Davison, YouTube + social media stars Jonas Bridges and Amber’s Closet have all worn the Stevie Crowne Collection.

To get in contact with, email info@StevieCrowne.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

His Collection was also included in the Absolut Vodka Changemakers campaign commercials & billboards across Canada in late 2019.

Canadian artists and models, Supermodel Aluad Anei, soul singer Nefe, pop-rocker Michelle Treacy, and singer/performer Quanah Style, have worn, modelled, and commissioned pieces from his collections.

The brand has also been twice a runner up for Canada’s top sustainable designer fashion award which was selected by Canada’s sustainable fashion authority, Fashion Takes Action.